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What are the advantages of time recording machine in an office ?
What are the advantages of time recording machine in an office ?
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What are the advantages of time recording machine in an office ?

    What are the advantages of time recording machine in an office ?

    Showing up for work punctually, at an official time, became expected behavior toward the end of the 19th century, as more

and more people worked for others rather than for themselves. Not just the work force's punctuality was at issue. Cost

accounting and analysis--recording and scrutinizing expenses for labor, materials and overhead--were getting more attention

than ever before. Time was money.

    In the 1890s, timekeepers-- clerks who kept track of employees' hours in handwritten logs --found that machines were

beginning to replace them, especially in workplaces with large numbers of employees. Thanks to the influence of the advocates

of scientific management, nearly every industrial workplace had a time clock, after about 1910. So did many offices. By the

early twentieth century the International Time Recording Company supplied an entire line of timekeeping devices, including

master clocks, several types of time clocks, and time stamps. Founded in 1900, the firm continuously expanded its product

line, underwent several reorganizations and name changes, and emerged in 1924 as the International Business Machine

Corporation, familiar today as IBM.One of the firm's most popular products was the card punch time recorder, a clock that could furnish a daily or weekly

record of up to 150 employees. Based on the 1888 patent of physician Alexander Dey, the dial time recorder was essentially a

spring-driven clock with a cast-iron wheel affixed to its dial side. The rim of the wheel was perforated with numbered holes.

As employees pressed a rotating pointer into the hole at their assigned number, the machine recorded the time on a preprinted

sheet and rang a bell with each punch. A two-color ribbon printed all regular time in green and all tardiness, early

departures, and overtime in red.This International digital card punch time recorder hung in a factory in the garment district of New York City.


    Time recording clock is a time recording machine used to record the lime of arrival and departure of an employee. The

time is recorded on the card allotted to each employee of the organisation. The card is punched in this machine, which

records the time of arrival and departure automatically. These machines are fitted with a clock to show the time. The

advantages of the use of time recording machines are:


    (a) It records the actual time of arrival and departure.


    (b) It is not possible to manipulate the time in case of late arrival or early departure.


    It is necessary to keep proper record of time for each worker as it ensures discipline, increases morale and makes him



    This function of keeping proper record of time is looked after by the time-keeping department. In a small organisation,

such a department may not exist at all since the time of coming and going can be easily regulated by the person in changes of

operations in the factory or the office.


    Time keeping is a system of recording the time of arrival and departure of workers; it provides a record of total time

spent by each worker engaged in the factory. On the basis of this record, wages are paid to the workers under time rate



    The regal contains the columns like name and identity no. of the worker, the department in which he is working, arrival

and departure time. As soon as a worker enters into the preprint of the factory, the necessary entries in the attendance

register are completed. If workers are literate; they are required to sign the attendance register.


    After the reports time workers are marked late or absent as the case may be. Similar entries are made the time of



    This method is very simple and inexpensive. But in a large factory this meth may become inconvenient. Moreover, this

method is liable for many undesirable’ practices on the part of the persons who record the attendance in collusion with sour

workers. This method is suitable for small factories and out-doors workers.


    Under this method, each worker is allotted a metal disc or token bearing his identification. On each disc or token the

name and number of the worker is engraved or painted. All the tokens 01; discs are hung on a board at the gate or at the

entrance of the department.


    As soon as a worker reports for duty, he removes his disc and puts it in a box provided nearby. Immediately after the

scheduled time of entry, the board is removed and a list is prepared for all such discs or tokens not collected and dropped

into the box by the workers.


    The late-comers collect their discs and hand over the same personally to the time keeper. The list of late-comers is

prepared separately. The discs not removed from the boards represent the absentee workers.


    This method is simple and economical. But it is not free from abuses. A worker may remove the disc of his fellow-worker

to ensure his presence who is either late or absent.

    There is no certainty that the exact arrival time of the workers has been recorded. The time keeper marking the

attendance may commit errors deliberately or through carelessness and this may create disputes. Time keeper may include the

dummy or ghost workers in the muster roll that cannot be easily detected except by close supervision.


    2. Mechanical Methods


    Different mechanical devices have been designed for recording the exact time of the workers. These include:


    (a) Time Recording Clocks


    (b) analogue card

punch time recorder


    (a) Time Recording Clocks


    This method has been developed to remove some of the difficulties faced in case of manual methods. Under this method, the

attendance is marked by a time recording clock on a card. Every worker is allotted a time card usually for one week duration.


    These time cards are serially arranged in a tray at the gate of the factory. On arrival the worker picks up his card from

the tray and inserts the same into the time recording clock which prints the exact arrival time at the space provided on the

card against the particular day.


    This process is repeated when the worker leaves the factory after day’s work. Other particulars of time in respect of

late arrival, lunch, and overtime are printed is red colour so as to distinguish these from normal period spent in the



    This method is useful when the number of workers is fairly large. There are also no chances of disputes arising due to

recording of time of workers as it is recorded by the clock and not by the time keeper.


    But there are chances that a worker may get his friend’s card from the tray and mark him present in time when he is

actually late or absent. Any mechanical defect may adversely affect the working of time recording system.


    The dial time recorder is a machine which records the correct attendance time of the worker automatically. It has a dial

around the clock with a number of hold (usually about 150), each of which bears a number corresponding to the identification

number of the worker concerned.


    There is a radial arm at the centre of the dial. While a worker enters into the factory; he is required to press the

radial arm after placing ill at the appropriate hole. The time recorder then automatically records the time on a roll of

paper within the machine against the number of the worker.


    This machine can also! calculate the wages of the workers with greater accuracy and avoids much loss of time, I But a

heavy capital investment is needed and hence only large organisations can use It is also necessary to have a close

supervision on every worker to prevent fraud and I irregularities.

    Make employee scheduling and pay calculation easier with this fingerprint time attendance. A perfect choice for tracking hours in busy workplaces, this time stamp keeps

accurate time within fractions of a second by automatically syncing with codes from the National Institute of Standards and

Technology. This device automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time and ensures consistent accuracy during power failures

using an internal battery backup. Featuring over 150 print configurations and 13 messages in four languages, this device

makes it easy to print custom messages in two hour formats and a variety of font sizes. Compatible with a variety of forms

and time cards, this flexible machine aligns any document perfectly with an internal LED and a window over the print area.

This Acroprint time recorder informs users of the time and date with a large, bold display.


    Black/gray punch card time clock system for unlimited number of employees

    LCD display helps you keep track of time by showing the time and date in 24- or 12-hour format

    Durable construction and key lock help protect clock and settings from damage or tampering

    Employees use printable time cards

    Dimensions: 5.63"H x 6.45"W x 6.77"D

    Desk- or wall-mountable for flexible and convenient placement

    Battery backup protects data and settings during power outages

    Selectable language format: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish

    2-year manufacturer limited warranty

    No resetting needed.The LCD backlight digital time punching machine synchronizes

automatically with time codes transmitted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, keeping it incredibly

accurate. The internal battery backup keeps the clock on time, even during power outages.Flexible options.With over 150

possible print configurations and 13 preset messages in your choice of four languages, the ES700 easily supports a wide

variety of time & attendance and document control applications. This time stamp accomodates virtually any time card, document

or form, offering adjustable print font size, your choice of automatic, semi-automatic or manual print operation, and left or

right hand print. The power supply is switchable from 120V to 240V.Easy to use.Cards and documents are a snap to align

correctly, thanks to a handy window in the cover and a bright internal LED illuminating the document print area.

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