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A Brief History of Men's Fashion
A Brief History of Men's Fashion
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A Brief History of Men's Fashion

    A Brief History of Men's Fashion

            We’ve said it time and time again, men's wear is ruled

by history and tradition. Every person in menswear (designer, stylist, editor, etc) has taken inspiration from the past at

one time or another. And no era has been overlooked.
            Therefore, as we continue to explore the foundations of personal style, I thought we’d take a quick look back at

the last hundred-or-so years in men’s fashion. Perhaps this will provide a little insight or context as to how menswear

shifts, and more importantly, how we can make informed decisions when it comes to buying clothing and developing personal



            As the nineteenth century came to an end men were slowly shaking-off the Victorian influence which still had them

wearing tophats, frock coats, and pocket watches while carrying walking sticks. This may seem like an elaborate and

restrictive way to dress, but it was a big step in the right direction considering the Georgian period that proceeded it had

men wearing feathers, panty hose, and high heels. And you thought you were a “dandy”.

            1900S: TALL, LONG & LEAN

            As we moved into the 1900s men’s clothing was predominantly utilitarian and rather unimaginative. The long,

lean, and athletic silhouette of the late 1890s persisted, and tall, stiff collars characterize the period. Three-piece suits

consisting of a sack coat with matching waistcoat and trousers were worn, as were matching coat and waistcoat with

contrasting trousers, or matching coat and trousers with contrasting waistcoat. Sounds familiar, right? Trousers were shorter

than before, often had “turn-ups” or “cuffs“, and were creased front and back using the newly-invented trouser press.

    After the war (which introduced numerous classic menswear designs which are still used today, like trench coats and

cargos), business started to pick-up and Americans had more money. More money allowed them to travel more and broaden their

horizons culturally and aesthetically. Many crossed the Atlantic to England and France. Naturally they returned with

suitcases full of the latest fashions being worn overseas.

    Of all the countries, England had the most influence on American menswear. In the 1920s American college students began

putting their own spin on pieces being worn at the legendary Oxford University, including button-down shirts, natural-

shouldered jackets, regimental ties, and colorful argyle socks. Furthermore, the Prince of Wales, who later became the Duke

of Windsor, was the world’s most important and influential menswear figure. Through newsreels, newspapers, and magazines the

elegant Prince became the first international “style icon” and became widely known and renowned for his impeccable taste in

clothing. He was a legitimate trendsetter for every day people and it was the first time in history that clothing advertisers

would use a celebrity face to sell clothing, shamelessly plugging their items “as worn by the Prince”.


    If you're confused by whether a silk scarf is better than a

cotton scarf, then you will want to be able to weight the pros and cons of silk and cotton scarves. In this post, you will

find our list of benefits and drawbacks of wearing a silk scarf over a cotton scarf.


    First of all, silk will not irritate your skin. Silk is much more delicate than cotton. The roughness of cotton can

sometimes cause or worsen pimples.

    This is in part due to the fact that silk is hydrophobic, meaning it does not hold water well. Cotton absorbs the

moisture it is exposed to. That is why wearing cotton can cause acne, as cotton clothing retains oils that creates pimples.

But moisture rolls right off of silk.



    Another benefit of silk is that silk is hypoallergenic. Silk resists dust, mold, and fungus. You are unlikely to have an

allergic reaction to wearing silk.


    Last but not least, silk fabrics shine in a way cotton cannot match. This makes silk an excellent choice for showing

brilliant colours and artistic patterns.

    How To Wear A Square Scarf

    1)The Basic Fold:

    There are many ways to tie a scarf, this one is one of the most popular ways all of them. This fold is the starting point

of three easy ways of putting on the square scarf. They are

not only simple for everyday use but also look effortless with any casual outfits.

            Lay down your square scarf on a surface
            Folds two sides to form triangles and lay as they just touch the tips
            Fold each of the triangles to create a rectangle and align as they reach side by side.
            Fold from the half to pack it up, as shown in the last photo.

    2) Simple Loop around Neck:

    Place a basic folded scarf around your neck with the two corners facing down. Take one of the corners and twist it around

your neck. Adjust the length of each side.

    3) Simple Neck Tie Knot:

    Place a basic folded scarf around your neck with the two corners facing down. Take the edges and make a knot, take one of

the sides and face it up to hide the knot behind the tie.

    How to Choose Yoga Clothes

    Refining a downward dog or trying a new balance pose at the yoga studio is challenging enough on its own, but it’s made

even harder when you’re fiddling with sagging, too tight or uncomfortable

yoga clothes
. That’s why it’s important to purchase clothes that are breathable, flexible and comfortable.

    Your yoga vest purchases will depend largely on personal

preference, as well as the style of yoga you plan to practice. But at a high level, here’s what to wear to yoga (see below

for a more detailed discussion of these yoga basics):

    Breathable, flexible bottoms like yoga pants or shorts

    A breathable, narrow- or form-fitting top that won’t hang over your head when you’re upside down.

    For women, a sports bra or built-in shelf bra that offers enough support for the type of yoga you’re practicing

    A comfortable, warm top layer for end-of-class savasana (corpse pose) or after class when you’ve cooled down

    What to Look For in Yoga Clothing

    Many yoga clothes are made with polyester-nylon-spandex blends, and for good reason—these fabrics offer the right

balance of comfort, breathability and flexibility:

            Comfort: There’s nothing worse than practicing yoga in an uncomfortable piece of clothing. As you tune into your

body, you don’t want to focus on itchy seams and tags, saggy or too tight waistbands, or fabric that binds and chafes.
            Breathability: Depending on the type of yoga you practice, you may sweat a little or a lot. Particularly if you’

re sweating a lot, it’s important to wear breathable and moisture-wicking materials to keep you cool and comfortable. Tank

tops, shirts with cutouts and yoga slim pants with

mesh pockets will all improve breathability and venting. Avoid cotton, which holds moisture, makes you feel hot and damp,

then leaves you prone to chafing or getting chilled when class winds down.
            Flexibility: Yoga involves bending, stretching, binding, lunging, reaching and rolling. Your

clothes need to be able to keep up with these movements, which means they’ll

probably be made with at least 15 percent spandex.


    There are few things as empowering as sexy lingerie. Throw on a

pair of lacy knickers and a tulle bra and sit back as your confidence immediately skyrockets. It doesn’t matter if you’re

in a relationship, dating (in a pandemic!) or single this Valentine's Day, because we all now know that lingerie – even

the sexiest – is actually all about you.

    Sure, our undies are well hidden under a tracksuit right now... but knowing that a sexy lingerie set is working its magic

under your oversized hoodie and joggers is not only a confidence-booster – but a mood lifter, too. And there's no better

time than the most romantic weekend of the year to invest. After all, how much more together does your life feel when you

actually manage to put on a pair of knickers and a bra that match?

    While there will always be space in our underwear drawer (and hearts) for a big Bridget Jones-style knicker and wireless

bra, a cute new bra and brief set is a season-less purchase, rendering it a wise buy always and something you can absolutely

justify investing in. That pair of designer shoes you’ve been saving for might be out of style come next winter, but some

ladies sexy lingerie? Timeless. Granted,

everyone has different preferences when it comes to underwear, so it's lucky that there are tonnes of lingerie brands out

there, each offering sexy designs in their own right.

    We thought we'd save you the legwork and hunt down the very best sexy lingerie that money can buy for Valentine's

Day (you should also check out our dedicated guide to Valentine's Day lingerie if you haven't already), from the best

lingerie brands in the business. We’ve got balconette bras, suspenders, high-waist knickers, wireless bras, matching sets

and all the sheer/lacy/tulle fabric. We’ve even thrown in a few one-pieces for good measure.

    High up on our wish list right now is this Carine Gilson teal and lace silk satin bra (with sexy matching briefs) to boot

which have both been crafted in her Brussels atelier. There's also this plum lace body from the name in sexy lingerie,

Agent Provocateur - which is not only currently half price, but in stock in ALL sizes. A true lingerie miracle.

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